The camo wagon

I decided to do this after some basterd keyd fuc into my hood.

So hear it is step by step.

Step 1

Get your car keyed and remove the parts to be painted or mask off the rest of the car octafx app download.

Step 2

Buy some 320 grit sand paper, primer and camouflage paint at the hardware store, you will also need to find some cardboard. Now lightly wet sand the area to be painted and clean thoroughly once you are done with that apply the primer. It took me two cans of primer three cans of kaki; two cans of brown, one can of black and two cans of green. The whole thing should cost about $59.95 or les if you shop around.

Step 3

While the paint is drying cut the cardboard into shapes like these. For black you will nead to make a stencel since it is the last color

Step 4

Paint the car with the lightest color first and once that dries use the patterns and paint it with the other colors. You probably want to paint it mostly brown and green and only use a little bit of black and well you are at it you should get a job because normal people donít have time for this stuff.

The hood painted kaki.

I masked off part of the hood so I wouldint nead as many paterns.

Hears what mine looked like

Poor Betty

After all this I came up with a good invention. Magnetic camoflage paterns.

Frying Colors Art